Mail And Wire Fraud

The Need For Experienced North Carolina Fraud Lawyers

At Woody White Law PLLC , we represent North Carolina residents facing serious federal charges involving mail fraud and wire fraud. Criminal defense in federal court requires an attorney with extensive, hands-on experience at the federal level. Our attorneys have tried highly complex cases that involve pre-indictment investigations, grand jury indictments, and evidence discovery and motion deadlines.

Taking Proactive Steps To Minimize The Impact Of Mail And Wire Fraud Charges

We are able to navigate our clients throughout the entire federal criminal process and help them understand the charges they are facing. Mail fraud involves the use of the United States Postal Service or other mail carrier to defraud someone. Defrauding someone via Internet, email, fax, phone or other forms of electronic communication is considered wire fraud.

Even if the criminal acts were unsuccessful, you can still be charged with a federal crime.

Federal cases often move faster than other types of criminal matters, so time is of the essence. Do not wait for investigations to be completed. We can get involved in the early, pre-indictment investigations where federal criminal cases are built. Taking proactive steps can mitigate the impact of the accusations. Preemptive measures can possibly prevent mail or wire fraud charges from being filed, along with additional accusations added as part of the overall prosecution.

Wilmington Mail And Wire Fraud Attorneys

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