You want to move forward in life, to obtain an education, to achieve your goals. Yet your future is marred by your past. You have put the past behind you, but other people may not believe you have changed.

Expungement Of Criminal Record

A criminal record can cast a shadow over your future prospects, making it difficult to succeed in your professional and even personal life. You may be eligible for some relief from past criminal conduct or charges. In some cases, it may be possible to have a judgment vacated or set aside in order to give you the second chance in life that you desire. In other cases, it may be possible to have arrest records expunged and purged from the public docket.

A Conviction On Your Record? Get A Fresh Start.

If you live in southeastern North Carolina and want to know if you are eligible for an expunction, contact the law firm of Woody White Law PLLC . Our lawyers are happy to discuss this possibility and determine your eligibility. Contact our offices in Wilmington by email, or call us at 910-338-4900. If you are from outside the Wilmington region, call us toll free at 866-677-8525.

Limitations On Expunction

Expunction is not available in every case. Further, expunction (also known as expungement) is literally a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. In the typical case, you can only petition a court to consider expunction once per lifetime so it is important to know the deadlines and scope of eligibility.

"....Woody helped me get my life back by helping me clear up some personal legal matters from my past...."

Our attorneys work closely with clients to review factors surrounding the criminal charge and/or conviction, honestly assessing whether or not they will be able to expunge a criminal conviction or charge from their records. We have assisted hundreds of people in reviewing their records and in many cases, have assisted in giving them a second chance.

Getting The Experienced Legal Assistance You Need For A Fresh Start

People wish to expunge a criminal past for various reasons: to obtain jobs, to get into school, to obtain professional licensure or even to get married. Whether your reason is professional or personal, Woody White Law PLLC is happy to assist you in any way possible. Whether your past includes a conviction for drug possession, shoplifting or underage drinking, our firm can advise you on taking the steps necessary to create a brighter future.

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At the law firm of Woody White Law PLLC , our services in criminal defense, personal injury, and business and civil litigation are professional, personalized and above all, effective.

To obtain a free initial consultation to discuss the possibility of expunging a conviction from your criminal record, please contact our Wilmington office today.

Woody White

Woody White

Woody White is an experienced civil Trial Attorney, and has earned a reputation as an aggressive advocate, taking – and winning – cases before juries in both State and Federal Court. Getting the verdict that you deserve requires experience and Woody White has a proven track record of success.

James Baxter Blanton

James Blanton

Attorney James Blanton is a former state prosecutor, having served as an Assistant District Attorney in the New Hanover County prosecutor's office. He also served as a federal prosecutor, serving as a Special Assistant U.S. Attorney in the Eastern District of North Carolina.