Defense Against Domestic Violence 50B Restraining Orders

If you have been accused of domestic violence, your accuser has the power to seek a 50B restraining order without your knowledge.

What Is A 50B Restraining Order?

In North Carolina, protective orders, known as 50B protective orders, are tools associated with domestic assault or domestic violence charges.

The restraining order is temporary (valid for 10 days) and is issued by a judge after a complaint is filed by an individual who feels he or she is under imminent threat of physical abuse. The accused will be provided a hearing during this 10-day window.

Why You Need An Attorney At Your Hearing

Getting a lawyer to defend you at this hearing is crucial; without adequate counsel, your protective order could be extended to a full year or longer.

Aggressive Defense For You

At Woody White Law Firm PLLC, we have years of experience defending individuals located throughout Wilmington who have been charged with domestic violence offenses.

Founding attorney, Woody White, is a board-certified specialist in state and federal criminal law as has handled 50B restraining order hearings for individuals just like you.

"Woody saved me hundreds of thousands of dollars and I truly believe that my outcome would have been very different and not in my favor without his expertise, understanding of the law and application of his intuitive insight." — A recent client unfairly accused of domestic violence.

We understand that this is an emotionally charged situation for you, regardless of the circumstance. In many of these cases, it is often a matter of "he said, she said."

Let us use our skill and knowledge to find out the real facts, build an effective strategy and protect you against further action or damage to your reputation.

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