Defending Those Facing 50C Restraining Orders And Violations

What Is A 50C Restraining Order?

The 50C order, also referred to no-contact orders, are typically ordered to prevent an individual from contacting another person with whom they are unrelated such as neighbors, business acquaintances or co-workers.

Accusers can simply file a complaint for a no-contact order with the court but must allow the accused the opportunity to file a response within 10 days of service and appear before a judge on the matter.

If you have been served with a 50C restraining order hearing date, getting an attorney ASAP cannot be stressed enough.

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If you have been served with a 50C restraining order, our legal team can file a response to the accusations and aggressively advocate for you at your hearing to ensure that your rights are protected and the true facts are exposed.

Woody White has years of experience litigating restraining order cases and a track record of success recognized throughout the region. Let him help you.

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