Repeat DWI/Habitual DWI

Repeat and habitual drunk driving cases are complex with ever-changing state laws and guidelines for law enforcement to follow during an investigation. As members of the community, the lawyers at Woody White Law Firm PLLC not only possess insight into the local court system, but they also stay current with the latest laws passed by the North Carolina state legislature.

Strong Defense For People Charged With Habitual Drunk Driving

Repeat DWI offenders see their penalties increase significantly after each arrest, specifically jail time, fines and multi-year license suspension. Habitual drunk driving, a felony tried in Superior Court, is charged after the fourth DWI conviction within 10 years. Sentences are more than life-changing and disruptive in their repercussions.

Penalties are mandatory and include:

  • Minimum one year in prison
  • Lifetime driver's license revocation without the possibility of reinstatement
  • Substance abuse treatment program
  • Fines
  • Vehicle forfeiture to the state

From the moment you schedule your free initial consultation, our attorneys strive to ease the stress you feel. An arrest for drunk driving is a traumatic experience that brings feelings of fear and uncertainty. Decision-making is affected, requiring the immediate help of a seasoned criminal defense attorney.

We take the time to focus on important issues regarding your DUI arrest, specifically any violations of your constitutional rights. A thorough review of the facts and circumstances is vital. Oftentimes, investigations uncover a police officer failing to comply with your statutory and constitutional rights in the initial stop and sobriety, breath and chemical testing.

For our attorneys, all DWI cases are treated the same, whether jail time or license revocation is a possibility or not. While we can never promise a specific outcome for a first-time or multiple DWI, being proactive and aggressive benefits our clients now and in the future.

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