Assault By Strangulation

Assault by strangulation is a serious violent crime, recently created under North Carolina law. It often accompanies domestic violence cases, or restraining orders. When you have been charged with this crime, usually in conjunction with domestic violence charges, it is important to work with an experienced violent crimes attorney who understands what is at stake.

Woody White, the assault-by-strangulation defense attorney at Wilmington-based Woody White Law PLLC , is a board-certified specialist in state criminal law. He has been successfully representing clients in the North Carolina and the federal court system.

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Masonboro Domestic Violence Lawyer

Assault by strangulation is a relatively new felony assault under North Carolina law, which alleges that the perpetrator attempts to strangle the alleged victim. It most often occurs as a result of a domestic altercation and may contribute to the issuance of a domestic violence 50B protective order. Assault by strangulation is also sometimes charged along with sex crimes and other violent crimes.

Depending on the circumstances surrounding your arrest, our experienced criminal defense lawyer may be able to get the charge of assault by strangulation reduced to a misdemeanor assault charge, thereby reducing the severe penalties associated with a felony conviction. Of course, in some investigations, these charges are filed against innocent people. If you are innocent, and become part of an investigation, it is important that you have the benefit of experienced trial attorneys who know how to win jury trials.

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When you have been charged with assault by strangulation, the criminal defense attorneys at Woody White Law PLLC are ready to build a strong defense on your behalf. Contact us at our Masonboro domestic violence attorney to discuss the charges against you.