A Letter to Parents

Dear Parents:

When your child becomes the target of a criminal investigation, the whole family is frightened and unsure where to turn. Whether it's a serious felony offense, or a misdemeanor, this may be the biggest thing that has ever happened to your loved one. How will it affect their future? Will they go to jail or ever be able to get a job?

For the past 22 years, I have represented hundreds of students from nearby academic institutions - UNC-Wilmington, Cape Fear Community College, high schools, and even middle and elementary school students. I can help your child navigate the uncertain waters of law enforcement, prosecutors, and courtrooms. Along the way, I can answer your questions and give some peace of mind -- no matter what the case may involve.

Depending on the type of case, often I am able to obtain a positive outcome that avoids a criminal conviction. Saving a young person from a criminal record is a big deal. In many cases, future job prospects are on the line.

If your child is in trouble, call or email me today. I can help.

Woody White