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Drug arrests following traffic stops

Drug charges can arise out of a variety of situations. Sometimes a long investigation precedes an arrest. Other times they can arise out of another interaction involving law enforcement. A common scenario is a drug arrest following a routine traffic stop. In these types of situations a vehicle could be pulled over for something as simple as a broken taillight or failing to use one’s signal, only for law enforcement to find illegal drugs. A North Carolina man recently found himself in this situation.

Reality show dance teacher accused of bankruptcy fraud

In a previous post we mentioned that a variety of alleged activities are considered white collar crimes. While in that particular post we wrote about the white collar crime of embezzlement, fraud is another activity that someone could find they are facing criminal charges in connection with.

Authorities indicate white collar crimes often follow patterns

There are many different activities that fall under the umbrella of white collar crimes. Embezzlement is one of them. Though the victims of white collar crimes experience financial, not physical harm, the crimes are taken very seriously and if convicted, those facing charges could end up on the receiving end of a harsh sentence.

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