Brain And Spinal Cord Injuries

At Woody White Law PLLC , we are committed to helping victims of life-changing injuries. If you or a loved one has suffered brain or spinal cord injuries, you can turn to our attorneys for help getting the compensation you need to move forward with your life.

We handle cases involving all forms of negligence. Many of the cases we handle involve spine and brain injuries suffered in car, truck and motorcycle accidents. In addition to motor vehicle crash claims, we also handle premises liability and other severe injury claims. We have recovered substantial compensation for accident victims in Wilmington and throughout North Carolina. Let us help you get the compensation you deserve.

Understanding The Severity Of Your Injuries

In many cases, even the victim does not truly understand the extent of brain or spinal cord injuries and what the impact will be on his or her life. Insurance companies often try to take advantage of this fact, making settlement offers that may seem sufficient on the surface but will run out before all the costs associated with the injury are covered.

When our lawyers take on these cases, we frequently bring in medical experts and other specialists to help us understand the severity of the injuries. Before we move forward, we want to know how much medical treatment is going to be needed for the victim to reach full recovery. How many surgeries will be required? How much physical therapy? Will in-home care be necessary? We want to know if the victim will be able to return to work. We want to know if wheelchairs or other equipment will be needed because a traumatic brain injury (TBI) or back injury led to paralysis. Only when we have the answers to all of these questions will we be able to make a clear determination of how much money to ask for.

Going To Trial To Get You All The Money You Need

We have the experience and the skill to take your case as far as it needs to go to be a success. We are not attorneys who will back down when the insurance company attempts to flex its muscles. We are aggressive and willing to take the case to trial.

Our lawyers walk into courtrooms with the confidence that comes from experience and careful preparation. Because we always do our research and arm ourselves with facts, we position ourselves for success when arguing in front of judges and juries. You can be confident that we will do everything necessary to get you the money you need.

Free Consultations For Serious Injury Victims

Let us help you get the compensation you need after a back or brain injury. Call Woody White Law PLLC , toll free at 866-677-8525 or locally at 910-338-4900. You can also contact us via email to schedule a meeting with a skilled attorney.

Woody White

Woody White

Woody White is an experienced civil Trial Attorney, and has earned a reputation as an aggressive advocate, taking – and winning – cases before juries in both State and Federal Court. Getting the verdict that you deserve requires experience and Woody White has a proven track record of success.

James Baxter Blanton

James Blanton

Attorney James Blanton is a former state prosecutor, having served as an Assistant District Attorney in the New Hanover County prosecutor's office. He also served as a federal prosecutor, serving as a Special Assistant U.S. Attorney in the Eastern District of North Carolina.